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There are lots of questions you’ll likely have as you explore the Kitchen Refresh opportunity. You’ll get many of them answered here.

Is there market demand for Kitchen Refresh?

Our kitchen, bath and related remodels are a budget-friendly alternative that utilizes a homeowner’s existing cabinet boxes to transform a space, and are typically up to 75% less than custom cabinetry - installed! Our makeovers typically take just 1-5 days, rather than 2-5 months, and deliver stunning results! Because of the price point, the speedy process and the outcome, we have high client satisfaction which results in positive feedback and referrals. Nationwide, according to data from the Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity (LIRA), homeowners spent $324 billion just in the second quarter of 2018 alone on residential remodeling. That represents an increase of $54 billion compared to two years ago, or a 20 percent growth rate.

What are the advantages of a Kitchen Refresh franchise vs. starting or running my own remodeling company?

Having a Refresh franchise allows us to offer clients something that they definitely aren’t used to: Timely consultations, fast turnarounds on their remodels, and happy clients all equate to a successful business!
— Bryan Kurtyka, Fargo and Grand Forks, N.D., territories co-franchisee

With Kitchen Refresh, we say you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. We’ve developed a high quality product that we manufacture, pricing structures attractive to consumers and also conducive to franchisee profitability, installation methods to insure quick completion of projects, and marketing, estimating, sales closing, operations manual, video and other training, and other systems to support your success. Our product, systems and methods help bring considerable success advantages vs. going it alone by addressing many of the top reasons businesses fail: not understanding scope of product need, having the wrong team, pricing or cost issues, an unfriendly product, product without a business model and poor marketing.

Am I a good fit?

Franchisees are owner-operators who typically have an interior design or carpentry/home remodeling services background or natural ability. Owner couples with those combined backgrounds and skills can be an especially good fit as one person handles the design side and the other handles the painting and/or installation side of the business, which can then drive two or three profit sources for the franchise. Other structures are 1) a designer-franchisee who uses subcontractors for installations, custom work, and painting - this frees up your time to focus on consultations and selling, or 2) a carpenter-franchisee who also handles the design consultations, installing and painting, sometimes with additional employees or subcontractors.

Kitchen Refresh can be ideal for an interior designer who wants to embark on their own venture and who would otherwise be nervous about taking that leap, or for an existing interior designer or home remodeling contractor who already has their own business and would like to add an additional and steadier income stream, along with opportunities of cross-selling their other interior design or remodeling services they provide. By starting with or adding a Kitchen Refresh franchise, it can provide stability while you build complementary aspects of your interior design or home remodeling business.

If I already own a business, do I have to give up my current brand name?

Not necessarily. In most cases, your current business name can be co-branded into the Kitchen Refresh brand name. For example, if your current company name is ABC Carpentry & Design, you could do business as ‘Kitchen Refresh by ABC Carpentry & Design.’

What are some keys to franchisee success?

We invite franchisee ideas, feedback and input for any innovative solutions they’ve discovered that further contribute to franchisee success. With that said, a franchise is all about systems that have been tested and fine-tuned to provide the highest results. As such, the primary success of a franchisee comes from an owner-operator who follows the franchise systems precisely. We have lead follow-up methods, design consultation approaches, design studio and estimating processes, door and drawer installation processes, and marketing and branding techniques - all of which are systems - that are imperative to be followed precisely to maximize the likelihood of your success.

What investment is needed?

Kitchen Refresh has one of the most reasonable franchise startup costs available! Potential franchisees should have sufficient financial resources for:

  • $1,000, $10,000 or $35,000 initial franchisee fee (no royalties)

  • $4,000-$15,000 for startup costs (design studio buildout, initial studio lease payment, equipment as needed if handling the installation and painting, logo wear, business cards, envelopes, logo table cover, etc.)

  • $0 to $50,000 of liquid capital to cover personal income needs during the startup and traction phase (this is generally $0 or on the low end if you are already independently employed as an interior designer or finish carpenter and already have an income stream).

  • $0 to $1,000 per mo. to cover fixed costs that accompany a small design studio space of around 250-500 sq. ft., such as rent, utilities, etc.

  • $0 (for Tier 3 franchisees) to $1,200 (for Tier 1 and 2 franchisees) per mo. minimum for advertising

  • $100-$300 per month for smaller monthly ongoing expenses such as estimating/point of sale software, and other such incidental costs.

If you already have an interior design business or home remodeling business in place, various startup costs, or capital necessary, such as personal income needs at startup, will likely be reduced or eliminated. You will also likely have sales early in the launch and through the traction phase which would further offset some or all of your expenses.

Click here to learn more about the franchise tier options.

What are common sources of financing the franchise?

Kitchen Refresh is one of the most affordable franchise systems: Low initial franchise fees, no royalties, no inventory and low ongoing costs. However, if you need financing resources, it may include one or some of the following: Savings, a conventional business loan, SBA loan, retirement funds such as 401k, IRA or pension, or a home equity loan.

What is the role of the owner?

In addition to basic daily responsibilities of running a business, franchisees follow up on and nurture potential clients, perform 30-60 minute by-appointment-only design consultations in the design studio or homes, and project manage the makeovers (i.e., schedule painters and installers, countertop measuring and installations as necessary, etc.). Because the design studios are by-appointment-only, it enables franchisees to operate an accommodating, flexible schedule that fits their family life, scheduling around time that you want free (while also making sure you are accommodating the scheduling needs of clients, of course). And, because installs typically are completed in 5 days or less, managing the transformation projects are much less hassle than a 2-5 month typical home improvement project.

What does startup look like?

The franchisee would help identify a suitable temporary or permanent design studio space, and secure installer and painter contractors, and manage the small studio buildout that can take place within a 30-day or less time period. Because the studio is by appointment only, along with monthly showcase events, franchisees can often continue to work their current job at first, while setting up design consultations on evenings and weekends, as they manage and grow the franchise. However, locations are more successful when they receive a franchisee’s full dedication and attention. There is also an operations manual and online video training to guide you for set up, 1-2 days of a Discovery Day to learn about the product and process, and 1-2 days of shadowing to learn about design consultations.

What day-to-day support is provided?

We offer support regarding pricing, product knowledge, estimating support, project queries and marketing. We also offer robust online training and resources, including video training, that are available 24 hours a day 7 days week.

What is the earning potential?

The merchandise margin on Kitchen Refresh core products varies from 20.8% to 37.5% depending on which franchise tier you are in, as well as how much of a project you complete with your own labor resources. For example, if you and a partner perform the consultation/sales, painting and installing, you can expect an even higher margin per sale than the quoted product margins vs. if you just did the consultation/sales and then subcontracted the painting/installing. An additional 5-25% margin can also be earned on up-sold and cross-sold items, such as countertops, flooring, appliances, plumbing, and other vendor, subcontractor and referral relationships you develop. A two-person Tier 1 franchisee team completing 5-8 projects per month - with most projects completed in just 1-5 days - would earn an average of $3,900 per project (this is pre-rent, advertising and other expenses, and also not counting additional up-sold and cross-sold revenues).

What does Kitchen Refresh provide?

Every successful franchise is built around systems. With Kitchen Refresh, our systems entail:

  1. An easy pricing and estimating system that takes into account your product and labor costs and prices to help insure profitability

  2. Providing high quality, custom-made door and drawer products along with a fast installation method

  3. Modern and traditional marketing efforts and programs to help franchisees attract, nurture and develop potential prospects

  4. Franchisee support to help you get launched and to provide continued guidance and direction

If you have questions and would like to learn more, or you are ready to get started on securing your franchise territory, complete the franchise inquiry form on this page today!

Available markets:

We're currently seeking franchisees for these states. A viable territory is typically a city with at least 250,000 or greater metro area population, or within a 35-mile radius.


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