Top 12 Reasons To Be A Kitchen Refresh Franchisee

Here are the Top 12 reasons to become a Kitchen Refresh franchise owner:

12) Extremely affordable initial investment: With an initial franchise fee as little as $1,000, and no inventory to carry, Kitchen Refresh represents one of the most reasonable initial investments of the home remodeling category. The only other signifcant primary startup investment is the modest design studio buildout, which has a small footprint of just 250-500 square feet.

11) Low ongoing costs: Kitchen Refresh franchisees do not pay royalties. Also, most locations do not have employees, there is no inventory, the design studio space is a minimal footprint which translates to a low lease rate, and the suggested advertising costs start at just $300 per week (or $0 if you begin as a Tier 3 franchisee). This means fixed costs remain extremely low.

10) Additional revenue opportunities: Sales from Kitchen Refresh products should only account for about 40-50% of your total annual revenue. The remaining 50-60% of income is achievable by earning income from countertops, backsplash, floors and other home improvements provided or performed by other contractor and vendor relationships you have, or from your own company if you have a co-owner relationship with a designer and an installer.

9) We manufacture our own products: Because we manufacture our own doors and drawer fronts and provide them to our franchisees, we control the quality and also insure our franchisees aren’t paying for a middle-man markup. Most cabinet makeover franchise companies talk about their products being “factory direct” - in our case, Kitchen Refresh IS the factory!

8) It’s a proven business: Kitchen Refresh continues to expand and grow into new markets with our proven products and proven business model, and home improvement spending continues to remain strong across the nation!

7) Wide target audience: Because of our price point, coupled with our beautiful results, Kitchen Refresh has been the method of choice selected by property owners ranging from rental unit owners/managers to high end homes, and everything in-between.

6) All orders are prepaid: One of the major factors causing new business closures is cashflow problems. With Kitchen Refresh, an order does not begin until it’s paid in full by the client. Plus, because we’ve established the pricing parameters and recommendations, it helps insure that you are pricing projects right and completing them profitably.

5) Quick project completion: Unlike many construction industry businesses where projects can go on for months and months, with Kitchen Refresh, most transformations are completed in just 1-5 days from start to finish. This allows a franchisee to have a high completion rate, finishing a higher number of projects at a strong profit margin in a shorter given time.

4) Innovation: Kitchen Refresh continues to innovate new product and service solutions to help drive additional sales opportunities for our franchisees, as well as create products that have a long design life, as opposed to short-term trends.

3) Flexible lifestyle: Because of the by-appointment-only structure of the design studio, you’re not stuck in an office or retail setting waiting for clients to come by, even on slow days. You establish the days and times to be at the studio to meet clients. Need to pick the kids up after school every day? Go ahead. Want to keep every other Friday clear for a long weekend with your family during the summer? Why not. Have an elderly parent you want to spend time with every Monday afternoon? Go for it.

2) Income potential: With Kitchen Refresh, Typically, two-person teams earn an average of $3,900* per project. Complete just 8 average kitchen jobs a month - not including any up-selling or cross-selling - and the income would be $31,200 per month, or $374,400 annually at the Tier 1 franchise level. This figure is what you would earn based on the amounts billed to the customer minus amounts paid to Kitchen Refresh home office for the door and related product you ordered. Single person-designer owner setups can figure on $12,700 per month, or $152,400 annually at the Tier 1 level as you would have additional painter and contractor expenses.

1) Independence: Aside from all the compelling reasons above, one of the top motivators for people to pursue entrepreneurship with a franchise is to start controlling their own destiny. With Kitchen Refresh, you can apply your skills and talents to carve out your own independent future, reap the financial and personal satisfaction rewards of your own hard work and efforts, and have a business to provide an income stream now and into retirement.

*$3,900 per project earnings is after the cost of the doors and drawer fronts, but before expenses such as paint, supplies, rent, utilities, advertising and other such business costs.