Does Kitchen Refresh repaint cabinets?

We repaint the cabinet BOXES, but we NEVER repaint doors or drawer fronts. We always manufacture and install all NEW doors and drawer fronts with a durable Thermofoil finish, all NEW pull hardware, and all NEW concealed, soft-close hinges. This insures you have a current door design as well as eliminates common quality, time and longevity issues associated with painted doors and drawer fronts.

What’s wrong with painting doors and drawer fronts?

Due to frequent hand, finger, fingernail and jewelry interaction with doors and drawer fronts, it is common to see scratching, scuffing and staining on the painted surfaces where the hand interacts with the knob or pull. Also, people tend to underestimate how much time, work and expense is involved in trying to paint the doors and drawer fronts, and overestimate the quality of the result due to drips, runs, overly thick application, improper surface preparation, etc.

How much can I expect to save?

The price difference can be as much as 75% less than the cost of custom or semi-custom cabinetry.

Is installation included?

Yes. Our project estimates always include door and drawer front installation.


Why is there such a significant price savings?

The savings comes from using your existing cabinet boxes and only needing to incur the cost of door and drawer-front replacement. This saves thousands. 


What is included in the cost?

In addition to the invaluable design consultation, your kitchen will include the installation of all new doors and door pull hardware, all new concealed soft-close hinges, and all new drawer fronts and drawer pulls, and a new finish on the cabinet boxes. 


What if I want new countertops, backsplash, under-cabinet lighting, new flooring or other changes?

We typically work with preferred contractors in the markets we serve and we can help coordinate price quotes and those changes along with our installations. 


Can I change my cabinet color? 

Yes. We use the highest grade of paint to refinish the cabinet boxes, using colors that complement any of our door color options, and then work with a painter to refinish your cabinets (or, some homeowners choose to do their own cabinet box painting). Our system satisfies the most discriminating homeowners.


If I don't like my current cabinet layout, are you the right solution for me?

We are able to accommodate certain layout changes, additions and removals. Not sure if your project is right for us? No worries - just contact us and let us review your project - we love having the opportunity to see if we're a good fit and our consultations and estimates are always FREE.


What are some of the more common cabinet modifications you do?

We commonly add islands, fill in pencil desk areas, add wall pantries, upgrade or remove appliance garages, and upgrade cabinets to glass panel doors.


Are the doors and drawer fronts painted?

No. The doors and drawer fronts are always all new, heavy duty, solid, high density wood fiberboard that satisfies even the most discriminating homeowners. They are covered in your choice of one of over 20 high quality Thermofoil colors. 


What kinds of dwellings is Kitchen Refresh suitable for?

Whether your home is a beginner home or a high-end home over the million dollar price point, our method has been the solution of choice, in addition to being installed in rental properties, and commercial, business, nonprofit and church properties.


What kind of turnaround time can I expect?

From the time your order is placed for all your custom doors and drawer fronts, to the day it is installed, it's about 4-8 weeks. That’s 3-7 weeks for manufacture and delivery to the design location handling your install, and then another 1-5 days for box painting and door installation.


Between order and installation, is my kitchen disturbed?

Your kitchen stays completely intact and usable up until the day of installation. Then, typically, painting takes just a day-and-a-half, and then we allow two days for curing, and then door and drawer install is done in less than a business day, usually around 4-6 hours.


Do I need to move my appliances, remove everything from my cabinets, etc.?

All appliances remain in place. All items in cabinets also typically remain in place. Only contents of drawers need to be removed and only on the day of install. 


How long does the installation process take?

The actual installation of the doors and drawer fronts is typically about 4-6 hours. Painting of the existing cabinets will add another day or two depending on the size of your kitchen, plus two days of curing time. 


How much interruption is there in our home?

The entirety of your home, including your kitchen, remains undisturbed until the day of painting and installation.


How long am I without the use of my kitchen?

Your kitchen will remain fully functional throughout the entire process. Our installer only requires that the items in your drawers be removed on the day of installation.


How much saw dust or other mess is created? 

Virtually none. There may be an extremely small amount of saw dust due to minor drilling for hinge installation. However, the installers we work with are responsible for thoroughly cleaning up any dust or debris created.


How much odor is created?

The painting of the cabinet boxes is done with a latex paint, completed with hand by brush (no spraying/atomization), and creates a temporary, very low odor that dissipates quickly (the same odor when repainting walls in a room). The new doors and drawers have no odor. 


Do you just do kitchens? 

No. We can transform virtually any cabinet: built-in wall cabinets, bathroom cabinets, laundry room cabinets, garage cabinets - you name it!


Do you offer financing?

U.S.Bank is our preferred financing lender. Click the button below to complete a short financing request form.