Does Kitchen Refresh repaint cabinets?

We repaint the cabinet BOXES, but we NEVER repaint doors or drawer fronts. We always manufacture and install all NEW doors and drawer fronts with a durable Thermofoil finish, all NEW pull hardware, and all NEW concealed, soft-close hinges. This insures you have a current door design as well as eliminates common quality and extended project timelines associated with painted doors and drawer fronts. Trust us - if painting doors and drawer fronts were the best approach - that’s the service we’d provide. Click here to read why we never paint the doors or drawer fronts.

What’s wrong with painting doors and drawer fronts?

Due to frequent hand, finger, fingernail and jewelry interaction with doors and drawer fronts, it is common to see scratching, scuffing and staining on the painted surfaces where the hand interacts with the knob or pull. Also, people tend to underestimate how much time, work and expense is involved in trying to paint the doors and drawer fronts, and overestimate the quality of the result due to drips, runs, overly thick application, improper surface preparation, etc. Click here to read why we never paint the doors or drawer fronts.

Do you offer glass panel door options, too?

Yes! Because we always manufacture new doors (and drawer fronts), we can either eliminate glass doors and make them solid panel doors if you would rather have practical storage as opposed to decorative storage, or retain glass panels on any doors where you’d like to keep that look, or add glass to any door you’d like it added. Check out our seeded, reeded, frosted and other glass style options here.

Is your method the same as ‘refacing’?

No. We’ve seen refacing estimates that are 2-3 times more expensive than our method and with lesser quality results. Refacing is also more complicated, can take longer, can be messier, and can suffer from delamination from the glue failing, and unsightly alignment issues, just as poorly executed laminate countertops can. We also see poor quality hinges and hardware being used by refacing companies. With our method, the end result can yield a very minimally painted surface due to the oversizing of our doors and drawer fronts, and by adding panel ends, and we always use high quality material and parts.

I see you offer soft-close doors, do you offer soft-close drawers, too?

Yes! Our soft-close hinges for doors are always included FREE in an estimate (including the online estimator). For soft-close drawers, there would be an additional charge as we manufacture new drawer boxes that fit our universal soft-close drawer system. But, because drawers usually make up a small fraction of the total kitchen, it’s generally still very affordable to add them.

The pricing of some custom cabinets online or from a major home improvement store seems reasonable, right?

When ordering from a home improvement store or online, make absolutely sure you ask: 1) Is pull hardware included in the price? 2) Is tear out of your old cabinets included in the price? 3) Is installation of the new cabinets included in the price? 4) If tear out and installation are not included, do they find qualified, dependable individuals who can perform that work and schedule and manage the project for you - or is that now your problem?

Also, when you replace your cabinets, you no longer are able to keep your existing countertop if that was your plan, so be sure to factor in that additional cost now, too, along with sink replacement, plumbing work, etc.

How much can I expect to save?

With Kitchen Refresh, the price difference can be as much as 75% less than the cost of custom or semi-custom cabinetry. Click here to visit our “Contact Us” page to see some example budget ranges and what would typically be included.

Is there a sacrifice in quality using the Refresh method?

No. In fact - it’s the opposite! By using the Refresh method, we are able to provide homes with HIGHER quality products! We use a heavy, solid and SUPERIOR engineered wood door product, along with the HIGHEST quality hinges and HIGHEST quality pull hardware. We also use the most durable, high quality latex or acrylic enamel paint when refinishing the boxes. If you’ve been shopping for cabinets, you’ll notice that on new cabinetry of today to save costs, they resort to very cheap quality hinges, cheap pull hardware, and flimsy cabinet box, door and drawer construction.

What is the warranty on the doors and drawer fronts?

All doors and drawer fronts, end panels, crown moulding, and other Thermofoil products produced by Kitchen Refresh have a 5-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Is installation included?

Yes. Our project estimates always include door and drawer front manufacturing AND installation.

Can I add garbage rollouts, spice and drawer organizers, etc.?

Absolutely. As part of your Refresh project, as long as your existing cabinets - or your cabinet modifications or additions- can accommodate them, we have virtually hundreds of different organizers and accessories to make better use and function of the cabinet space you have.


Why is there such a significant price savings?

The savings comes from using your existing cabinet boxes and only needing to incur the cost of new door and drawer-front replacement and new hardware. This approach also enables you to keep your current countertops if you like them (although they can also be replaced, too). This saves the homeowner thousands - sometimes tens of thousands!


What is included in the cost?

In addition to the FREE invaluable design consultation (a $1200 value), your kitchen transformation will include manufacture and installation of new doors and drawer fronts, all new concealed soft-close hinges, and all new door and drawer pulls, and a new finish on the cabinet boxes. 


What if I want new countertops, backsplash, under-cabinet lighting, new flooring or other changes?

The installer doing your cabinet work or other preferred contractors we work with can help coordinate price quotes and those changes along with our installations. 


Can I change my cabinet color? 

Yes. We use the highest grade of latex or acrylic enamel paint to refinish the cabinet boxes, using colors that complement any of our door color options, and then work with a painter to refinish your cabinets (or, some homeowners choose to do their own cabinet box painting). We paint all primarily visible areas of the cabinetry, and we do not move appliances (to avoid damage to floors). Our system satisfies the most discriminating homeowners.


If I don't like my current cabinet layout, are you the right solution for me?

We are able to accommodate a variety of layout changes, additions and removals - but the highest savings comes from keeping your current cabinet configuration. Not sure if your project is right for our approach that could save you thousands? No worries - just contact us and let us review your project - we love having the opportunity to see if we're a good fit and our consultations and estimates are always FREE.


What are some of the more common cabinet modifications you do?

We commonly add islands, fill in pencil desk areas, add or remove cabinet boxes, add wall pantries, box out soffit areas above the upper cabinet boxes to add additional cabinet space, upgrade or remove appliance garages, and upgrade cabinets to glass panel doors.


Are the doors and drawer fronts painted?

No. The doors and drawer fronts are ALWAYS all new, heavy duty, solid, high density engineered wood that satisfies even the most discriminating homeowners. They are covered in your choice of one of over 20 high quality Thermofoil finish colors.


What kinds of dwellings is Kitchen Refresh suitable for?

Whether your home is a beginner home or a high-end home over the million dollar price point, our method has been the solution of choice, in addition to also being installed in rental properties, and commercial, business, nonprofit and church properties.


What kind of turnaround time can I expect?

From the time your order is placed for all your custom doors and drawer fronts, to the day it is installed, it's typically about 6-8 weeks. In typical scenarios, that’s 5-7 weeks for manufacture and delivery to the design location handling your install, and then another 1-5 days for box painting and door installation. Having custom work, new countertop and backsplash, new flooring, cabinet additions, etc. can add additional days to the timeline.


Between order and installation, is my kitchen disturbed?

Your kitchen stays completely intact and usable up until the day of installation. Then, typically, painting takes just a day-and-a-half, and then we allow one or two days for curing, and then door and drawer install is done in less than a business day, usually around 4-6 hours.


Do I need to move my appliances, remove everything from my cabinets, etc.?

All appliances remain in place. All items in cabinets also typically remain in place. Only contents of drawers need to be removed and only on the day of install. 


How long does the installation process take?

The actual installation of the doors and drawer fronts is typically about 4-6 hours. Painting of the existing cabinets will add another day or two depending on the size of your kitchen, plus one or two days of curing time. 

How much interruption is there in our home?

The entirety of your home, including your kitchen, remains undisturbed until the day of painting and installation.


How long am I without the use of my kitchen?

Your kitchen will remain fully functional throughout the entire process. Our installer only requires that the items in your drawers be removed on the day of installation.


How much saw dust or other mess is created? 

Virtually none. There may be an extremely small amount of saw dust from minor drilling for hinge installation. However, the installers we work with are responsible for thoroughly cleaning up any dust or debris created.


How much odor is created?

Most people do not detect anything other than the very low odor of what is normally present with painting by hand with a brush, but which dissipates quickly. The new doors and drawers have no odor. We use commonly available products and materials labeled safe for home use, and which are used in the industry by other contractors, vendors, manufacturers and homeowners. If you would like more detailed information, please reference the material safety data sheets of the following: M1 Deglosser, Sherwin Williams Preprite Problock primer, Sherwin Williams ProClassic interior acrylic enamel or latex paint, Thermofoil, the Thermofoil adhesive, and the engineered fibreboard.


Do you just do kitchens? 

No. We can transform virtually any cabinet: built-in wall cabinets, bathroom cabinets, laundry room cabinets, bar areas, garage cabinets - you name it!


Do you offer financing?

U.S.Bank is our preferred financing lender. In fact, you can submit a financing request for funds to pay for your ENTIRE project - kitchen, floor, windows, etc. - not just the funds you need for the Kitchen Refresh portion of the work! Click the button below to complete our quick financing request form.