Is painting cabinets a good idea?

At Kitchen Refresh, we repaint the cabinet BOXES, but we ALWAYS manufacture and install NEW Doors and Drawer fronts for 5 very important reasons:

  1. Cost: Due to the labor involved, repainting doors is almost always cost prohibitive.
  2. Time: Proper door preparation and the actual repainting results in weeks or months of additional time with your kitchen in disarray.
  3. Results: Repainting doors and drawer fronts doesn't deliver the stunning, dramatic, clean, new results that a Kitchen Refresh transformation provides.
  4. Longevity: Hands, fingers and jewelry take their toll on painted doors and drawers, resulting in signs of wear in a matter of months as shown in the photo here. 
  5. Quality: With the change in seasons, the cabinet door wood will expand and contract, and painted doors will show cracking from drying as well as splits where frames and panels join together.

With Kitchen Refresh, the all-new, solid, one-piece doors and drawer fronts receive a durable Thermofoil finish with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty against defects, in addition to all new pull hardware and concealed, soft-close hinges

Patrick Kellar