Kitchens: 1 of only 6 projects that return the most value


The Bismarck Tribune recently featured a news article with the 6 home projects that return the most at resale.

Not surprisingly, kitchen remodels made that list.

One interesting note on this, though, is the highlight of the article says an “average minor kitchen remodel” runs $22,507 with an average resale value added to the home of $18,123. So, the homeowner actually recoups about 80.5% of the cost. In home improvement terms, that is a substantial return on investment. Comparatively, a mid-range backyard patio gives a return of about 48%, a sunroom about 49%, and a bathroom addition about 55%.

What makes this information even MORE interesting is, with Kitchen Refresh, our makeovers typically run just $4,800 to $6,800, but can deliver the look of a high dollar remodel. So, with Kitchen Refresh - you’ll spend considerably LESS than that $22,507 average, yet it’s still perfectly feasible that the average cost recoupment of $18,123 remains the same - meaning you’d actually have a POSITIVE outcome with a Kitchen Refresh remodel, particularly important if you’re looking at selling your home.

Patrick KellarComment