Kitchens: Most Popular Room to Renovate

A national study by Houzz that collected responses from more than 128,000 U.S. homeowners revealed kitchens were the most popular rooms to renovate while bathrooms were a close second.

The study revealed the median renovation cost on kitchens was $14,000, while bathroom remodels were a median cost of $8,000 and laundry rooms were $1,500.

The study also revealed for a kitchen remodel of 200 square feet or more, and where all the cabinets and appliances were replaced, the median spend rose from $33,000 in 2017 to $35,000 in 2018. For kitchens of less than 200 square feet, the remodel cost went from $20,000 to $23,000 in the same time period.

The study also revealed for a master bathroom of 100 square feet or larger, where the cabinetry, vanity, countertops and toilet were replaced, the median cost was $17,000 in 2018, which was in increase from the $16,000 spent the year before. For a similar project in a bathroom smaller than 100 square feet, homeowners spent a median of $10,000.

To look at that information and compare it to an average Refresh transformation of $4,800 to $6,800 for a kitchen - Kitchen Refresh continues to be an incredible value for a kitchen, bath, laundry, bar or other remodel.

(“Here’s Why Kitchen and Bath Renovations Are Costing More,”, June 5, 2019)

Patrick KellarComment